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The Good Business Witch

Jan 27, 2020

Today I'm talking with Rebecca D. Davidson. She is the Founder and CEO of GeboCall, a recent tech startup designed to address one of society’s most pressing problems - Loneliness.

Rebecca’s primary career is as a Mortgage Lender. She bills herself as a MindfulMoneyMojo Lifestyle Mentor and as a Life-stage Lender providing high-quality home finance to individuals and families at all stages of their financial lives. The intimacy of financial conversations with consumers and an understanding of grief and loss are the inspiration for GeboCall, a deep presence-based listening, and connection modality. 

GeboCall was in development over a 14-month span that also included two company changes for her mortgage practice, moving house, the loss of 4 pets and the end of her 16-year relationship. Rebecca is no stranger to adversity and loneliness and is determined to help one individual at a time feel more connected, more deeply seen and heard, and to provide a living wage supplementary income to the GeboCall Advocates who hold space for genuine conversation. Rebecca desires to create a financial and emotional tipping point that raises humanity up from despair into a resilient state of connectedness.  

Listeners of The Good Business Witch Podcast can sign up for GeboCall for a discount! Sign up here.

Find Rebecca and GeboCall online:

Rebecca Davidson Facebook & Instagram
GeboCall Facebook & Instagram